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Yuliyan was experiencing several problems with his gutters – they were leaking at almost every seam, which may cause damage to the siding and the foundations of the house), they were sagging (another sign that his gutters are due) and also the fascia board (the vertical board behind the gutters) was rotted. After we started working on the gutters and did the demolition (including removing the fascia board) the rafters (structural parts that hold the roof) behind the fascia board were also rotted. In order to execute a great job and make sure that his gutters and fascia will last a long time we had to repair each and every rotted rafter. After we did so it was time to install back the fascia and soffit (the horizontal board that meets the gutter) using long-lasting PVC white boards that come with lifetime warranty. Right after we finished all the carpentry related work it was time to install the recommended 5 inch K-style white aluminum seamless gutter system using our Englert machine that pulls the seamless gutters right at the spot. By communicating often, taking pictures at every stage of the gutter replacement process our Home Vision team was trying to provide an exceptional customer service.