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Gutter_Guards_installation_LexingtonMA_Mark’s house is surrounded by huge trees from all sides and because of the falling leaves his gutters and downspouts were often clogged and had to be maintained and cleaned at least twice as many times as the usual recommended two times per year.
Knowing that he decided to install gutter guards that will be protecting his gutters and downspouts from clogging. He started doing a research and called several companies requesting information about the gutter covers they install. After a few days of communicating with different companies he decided to choose Home Vision Co. not only because of the great customer service he received but mainly because of the gutter guards themselves. They are easily notched and formed in the field for a tight custom fit to deter pests, they have more holes per square inch than the others and also have a reverse bend in the front to help eliminate splash over. They are made of heavy duty aluminum and screwed to the gutter which will help them last for a long period.